Community Outreach

The Long Island Home is an active participant within the community, and proudly supports innovative programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life throughout our communities.

Disability Awareness Conference

For more than a decade, The Long Island Home has hosted its annual Disability Awareness Conference that provides valuable complimentary training, workshops and innovative programming for healthcare professionals and individuals within the community. In 2011, the conference was centered on the theme of ‘Empowerment’ and was attended by more than 80 people. Topics during the conference included ‘Bias Against People with Disabilities’, ‘Drumming and You’, ‘Mental Health Peer Advocacy’ and ‘Speaking Up and Moving Forward’. The forum provided a tremendous opportunity for participants to collaborate on ideas and network. The 2012 conference is planned for May 2, 2012 and will focus on the theme of ‘Transitions’.

blood driveAnnual Blood Drives

Giving the gift of life by donating blood is a seemingly small gesture in the course of our daily lives, but the precious resource can literally mean the difference between life and death for one out of every 10 individuals who are hospitalized. The Long Island Home partners with The Long Island Blood Services two times each year, and we are proud to report that 189 pints were donated — playing a critical role in helping more than 570 recipients in their treatments. A relaxed environment was provided, which featured music, movies, snacks, sandwiches and refreshments for all. As a special thank you, The Long Island Home furnished a set of two movie tickets to each donor.

Mini Walk-A-Thon for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias are heartbreaking to families, and The Long Island Home is dedicated to supporting organizations that provide crucial programs and services for those afflicted and their loved ones. On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, residents, patients, registrants, clients, staff, volunteers and families demonstrated their support in a mini-walk at Wilsey Ball Field on our campus to raise needed funds. The beautiful weather was a perfect backdrop as a check in the amount of $1,325.00 from the proceeds was presented to The Alzheimer’s Association. Above photo, left to right: K. Behan, Director of BLM Adult Day Center; Maryann Ragona, Executive Director of Alzheimer's Association; G. Kaiser, Vice President of Senior Services; M. Pecorella, Coordinator of Mini Walk; E. Paluzzi, Administrative Director of Senior Services for South Oaks.

Speakers Bureau

Our staff collectively has amassed countless years of knowledge and experience in healthcare, and willingly shares it with the community through our Speakers Bureau. Each year, a new variety of relevant topics are developed and presented to promote health, healing, prevention and recovery. During 2011, more than 200 hours of staff time impacted the lives of more than 9,000 individuals within area schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, senior centers, civic organizations, businesses, employee assistance programs, counseling centers and government agencies. Further demonstrating our leadership and respected expertise, many individuals at The Long Island Home offered their time to legislative committees, boards of not-for-profit entities, membership in healthcare organizations, community task forces and other community-based associations.

Development, Grants & Research

The Long Island Home continually seeks to develop new initiatives through public and private funding sources. To accomplish this, our internal Development, Grants & Research Department regularly brings together teams comprised of representatives of Broadlawn Manor and South Oaks Hospital to identify areas that warrant further funding. In addition, department representatives participate at a myriad of public forums and conferences that discuss current healthcare issues related to our areas of expertise so that we can recognize other opportunities that would benefit from our unique experience and capabilities. The department also actively engages with entities at Federal, State and County levels so that we are notified of projects that fit our particular areas of expertise within the region.

During 2011, The Long Island Home formally applied for 38 grants. The approval process is usually quite lengthy, but we are proud to report that the diligence of our team resulted in 9 grants being awarded and renewed last year in light of dramatic budget cuts from public and private sources. A number of grants are still pending, yet The Long Island Home was able to secure a potential investment of $750,000 in funding for new and existing initiatives for our community. One grant of particular pride was awarded by the New York State Health Foundation to fund our activities in pioneering integration between mental health care and primary care under the Comprehensive Outpatient Behavioral Services (COBS) Program at South Oaks Hospital. Six different primary care practices — most with multiple practitioners — are already participating in this innovative evidence-based approach that has already yielded rewarding benefits for everyone.

The department was also successful in forging a relationship between South Oaks Hospital’s Child & Adolescent Center of Excellence and Hope For Youth. Public funding for this program is not yet in place, but The Long Island Home so firmly believes in this collaboration that we have commenced the treatment of youth remanded for evaluation by the family court system within our daytime Partial Hospitalization Program. Initial clinical outcomes have been very positive and the savings to the State and County are significant. One of the grants awarded in late 2011 will help offset the expenses associated with the project so that it can continue in 2012, while permanent funding options are explored.

The Long Island Home Websites

lih websiteThe Long Island Home websites continue to be valuable resources to the community when it comes to information on our programs and services. In 2011, we launched a new online event registration and donation portal that makes it even easier to attend our events and make needed donations towards our initiatives. The Long Island Home is also committed to ensuring that our offerings are easy to find for people in the community when they search for help. To accomplish this we launched a search engine optimization campaign in 2011 and the results have already proven impressive. A review of our statistics performed in November of 2011 revealed that the number of visits increased by an average of 27.9%. The website also features beneficial information on our rich legacy, news and events, prevention resources, employment opportunities, electronic newsletters, summer camp, Speakers Bureau, annual reports and other important links.

Prevention Resource Center

The Suffolk County Prevention Resource Center (PRC) operated by South Oaks Hospital and funded by Suffolk County and the New York State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse (OASAS) continues to foster healthier communities across Long Island. Founded in 2009, the PRC makes it easier for residents to connect with the information they need when faced with substance abuse crises and critical resources to help prevent their proliferation. On May 12, 2011, the PRC hosted a ‘Coalition Collaboration’ event at South Oaks Hospital that was focused on introducing 10 disparate community-based coalitions to one another and share ideas on potential new initiatives based on the 2010-2011 New York State Youth Development Survey. The PRC is also playing a pivotal role in sharing essential information with the community and developing effective programming that aims to increase awareness and confront head-on the spread of substance abuse throughout the region in partnership with OASAS. Furthering the PRC mission of enhancing dialogue, we worked in conjunction with OASAS and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s (OJJDP) Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws Training Center (EDETC), to co-sponsor a conference on substance abuse prevention in Suffolk County. The event featured a nationally-renowned specialist on adolescent brain development, 20 prevention providers from throughout the region, and three workshops on effective prevention strategies.