We Care for Employees

The Long Island Home’s goal of treating all people with dignity, compassion and respect transcends the care that is provided to those we serve and their families. It is an altruism that is reflected at every organizational level and at every peer-to-peer interaction throughout our campus. From ensuring a mutually safe work environment to recognizing care that goes well above and beyond the norm, The Long Island Home is honored to provide an enriching environment that fosters lifelong careers with ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Employee of the Month

The Long Island Home provides a respectful and enriching work environment for all staff at all levels. To help bring to light everyday heroes in our organization, we launched a new 'Employees of the Month' program in June 2011 that helps to raise awareness of exemplary performance in the course of duty. Candidates for the award are nominated by peers, supervisors and management staff who aim to highlight outstanding performance and positive contributions within the workplace. In the first six months alone, more than 40 different staff members were nominated and the following individuals received accolades for their leadership and service:

• Sharon Canady
• Michael Cooper
• Lynda Deprima
• Meghan Dixon
• Patricia Faulkner
• Miriam Giotta
• Ann Marie Gliamas

• Susan Jayson
• Bastien Jolicoeur
• Nadine Kalogeras
• Carol Malone
• Cestila Rose
• Arthur Rushforth
• Theresa Longo

• Marie Theresa Pulido
• Lucinda Tocante
• Irene Tzivras
• Margaret Vassallo
• Lori Whiston-Ramos

Quarterly Safety Awards

Safety is everyone’s concern at The Long Island Home. Our staff has been trained to recognize potential hazards and create innovative solutions to enrich the lives of all on our campus. Each quarter during the year, staff members are recognized for their contributions toward making The Long Island Home one of the safest places to work in the region. The Quarterly Safety Awards provide positive reinforcement and valuable recognition to employees who have made a significant difference in protecting people against harm and decreasing risks throughout the workplace.

During 2011, the following employees received commendation for their positive contributions towards safety:

• Phyllis Thompson
• Zachary Oliver Jr.
• Lashaun Neal

• Conwayne Graham
• LaShanda Griffin
• Sharon Renton

• Bozena Jackowska-Hild 
• Evadnie Burt

Facilitating ongoing education is another way The Long Island Home leads the way in workplace safety. Throughout the year, 86 comprehensive security rounds were conducted and voluntary attendance at the Annual Safety Education Fair increased dramatically. Our education initiatives included such vital areas as fire safety, elopement protocols, code green, code escort, code radio, security protocols and workplace violence. As a result, The Long Island Home has recognized a further reduction of 15% in employee accidents, a 21% reduction in security incidents and a 33% reduction in on-campus automobile accidents.

Thanks for Caring

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, and The Long Island Home takes time to recognize the efforts that staff members have made toward improving the quality of life of those we serve. 'Thanks For Caring' cards are provided throughout the campus so that people who have been positively impacted can share their inspirational stories. During 2011, 84 nominations were received and reviewed by a committee of peers. While every submission embodied the spirit of our mission, the following individuals were recognized for their noteworthy impact that exceeded all expectations:

• Patricia Fackner
• Michael Flynn
• Maria Giancaterino
• Lorraine Melvin

• Paul McGuiness
• Marie Theresa Pulido
• Bernard Revell
• Enza Russo

• Cindy Ryan
• Yvonne Stewart

Longevity Awards

Careers don’t only start at The Long Island Home, they often span lifetimes. As an internationally recognized leader and innovator in healthcare we not only attract the best and brightest, we build legacies that offer advancement, educational opportunities and room for growth based on achievement and aspiration. This can be witnessed each year through our Longevity Awards that celebrate the commitment of staff at every level:

Thirty-Five Years of Service
Thurnell Alston

Thirty Years of Service
Marguerite Behan • Patricia Little • John C. McManus • Susan Scruggs • Steven J. West

Twenty-Five Years of Service
Osei Asibey • Fran Babiss • Rosemary Cleven • Mary Jeanne Corea • Donna Evers • Carolyn Grassick • Sally V. Lewis • Deborah Ann Slade • Donna E. Tate • Evelyn Vasquez

Twenty Years of Service
Joyce L. Anderson • Annmarie Bartley • Jacqueline Beacham • Greg M. Brandsema • John J. Davis • Deborah Hartman • Edward K. Pannell • Carolyn Pickett • Elizabeth Roarty-O’Herron • Linda L. Scotland • Lucinda Tocante • Geneva I. Wilson

Fifteen Years of Service
Vincenza Basileo • Sharon M. Bodner • Sandra Booker • Carrie Ann Cheeseman • Robert E. Detor, Jr. • Eileen S. Geis • Rose A. Gill • Bozena Jackowska-Hild • Norice Jameau • Deborah Kishanuk • Richard M. Krugley, M.D. • Patricia Porter • Linda Rohan • Evangeline Sayo • Novlet E. Shand • Myrtle Telemacque • Rudolph Thompson

Ten Years of Service
Otis Ann Adams • Nancy L. Andolf • Yvonne R. Andrews • Janet L. Barnes • Paulette Barrett • Susan Bayh-Martino • Gloria Benjamin • Althea Blearie • Ernesto Buenaventura • Sharon Canady • Marie L. Delva • Grace K. Enzmann • Kelvin Estevez • Alicia Fowler • Eugenia Francis • Robert Charles Frost • Kavona R. Gray • Richard J. Greco • Florence A. Holm • Cynthia A. Hunte • Gerard M. Kaiser • Lisa Larocco-Rubino • Rosemarie Lawrence • Donnette McDonald-Mann • Heather A. McLeod • Everald Mohalland • Vanessa Morring • Marie Lisette Nei • Anne F. Nicolas • Dina M. Palma • Rita Phillips • Lateir Robinson • Mekebeb Samuel • Mary L. Schiede • Diane Sinram • Christine Smith • Shirley Thomas • Dian F. White • Joy M. Wright • Julene V. Wright