Dear Friends,

Innovation. Many organizations talk about it, but The Long Island Home embodies it through our quest for continual and meaningful improvements in everything we do. Innovation is a way of life at The Long Island Home and is the reason we are so successful in caring for people. As a result, the road has been paved for the sustainability of our organization in one of the most challenging times witnessed in generations.

Economic conditions aside, imminent changes to our nation’s healthcare delivery system have made it increasingly difficult to plan for the short-term and long-term future. Sweeping and uncertain reforms at the Federal and State levels, combined with vastly decreased funding and reimbursements, have driven The Long Island Home to explore new ways to deliver quality care.

Even before the economic downturn began nearly 5 years ago, The Long Island Home recognized the altruism of strength in numbers and that synergistic relationships provide increased stability. Our burgeoning affiliation with the North Shore-LIJ Health System (NSLIJ) is an innovative action that leads to greater sustainability, economies of scale and improvements in care. Together with NSLIJ, we are committed to developing clinically proven approaches that address 21st century medical issues by sharing resources through The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. This affiliation has fostered additional opportunities for staff of The Long Island Home to further demonstrate best practices.

Broadlawn Manor is one of only three facilities that meet NSLIJ’s stringent protocol standards for treating sub-acute and rehabilitation patients who have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Our ultimate goal is for Broadlawn Manor to establish itself as a Center of Excellence for Cardiac Rehabilitation on Long Island, and we are well on the way.

South Oaks Hospital is also playing a significant role as the eastern anchor of behavioral health services on behalf of NSLIJ. Our affiliation fulfills the vital need for inpatient services at NSLIJ by leveraging South Oaks Hospital’s 193-bed facility. This allows the system to provide a higher level of psychiatric care and we look forward to adding greater benefits at every turn. In collaboration with NSLIJ, we are developing a new Behavioral Health Service Line that is applicable to all hospitals. This innovative approach will make expert localized specialty care available and increase access to centers of excellence in psychiatry — resulting in enhanced and efficient person-centered mental health and chemical dependency services. The Long Island Home has also partnered with Hope For Youth to deliver more cost-effective care for adolescents who are temporarily removed from their homes for diagnostic evaluation. South Oaks Hospital is also delivering care deeper into the community than ever before through the Comprehensive Outpatient Behavioral Services (COBS) program that coordinates care in partnership with pediatric and family practice offices.

We are also proud that our campus has never been “greener” and more sustainable. Thanks to a grant by New York State through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, we were able to enhance our energy production capabilities with a 45.36KW photovoltaic system that augments our existing low-emission co-generation power plant. The new solar panel system helps to further reduce our energy expenditures, reduce our carbon footprint, and provide a cleaner environment in our community by reducing dangerous emissions.

Providing quality healthcare with dignity, compassion and respect is our goal. Yet, in light of the unknowns ahead, we are honored to have a Board of Trustees and an executive leadership team that is devoted to maintaining The Long Island Home’s mission of innovation and sustainability as we continue to care for people long into the future.

We simply cannot do it alone and generous donations from individuals and businesses in the community help make our success possible. We encourage community involvement and every dollar counts. Together we can ensure that The Long Island Home remains a beneficial resource for generations to come.