Comprehensive Mental Health Services

South Oaks Hospital enjoys a long-standing reputation of excellence in the world when it comes to proven treatments for acute mental illness and chemical dependency. Our comprehensive programs provide care on an Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient basis depending on the distinct needs of each individual. Beyond our picturesque campus, South Oaks Hospital’s initiatives reach far into the community to deliver new and innovative services where and when they are needed.

The Long Island Home’s flourishing partnership with the North Shore-LIJ Health System (NSLIJ) has proven to be beneficial to both of our organizations. Our expertise when it comes to mental health issues has made South Oaks Hospital an invaluable resource for the people they treat. The affiliation not only adds the capacity for an additional 193 inpatient behavioral health beds to the NSLIJ network, but it also advances knowledge through mutually enriching training and research opportunities.

In response to Federal and State-level healthcare mandates that demand greater accountability and lower costs, South Oaks Hospital has taken the initiative to develop effective programs that make our services more accessible than ever before. Residents in the community who need access to information 24/7 from the comfort of home can take advantage of our Prevention Resource Center website that was developed in partnership with the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) and Suffolk County. We are also pursuing a greater relationship with Nassau County to better serve its residents with resources that exist within their local area.

When greater support is needed, South Oaks Hospital’s Comprehensive Outpatient Behavioral Services (COBS) program seeks to provide flexible, cost-effective care to adolescents in the community by coordinating more closely with pediatric doctors and family physicians. The COBS program was started in 2009 in partnership with New York State and is focused on early detection of issues related to mental health and substance abuse. This expanding program has generated favorable results in the short time it has been running, and aims to prove that positive outcomes can be attained when greater collaboration with families and medical practitioners is employed. Our new partnership with Hope For Youth is also providing greater flexibility for children and adolescents who have been removed from their home by the court system pending evaluation.

South Oaks Hospital is actively involved with career advancement and personal growth for everyone in the community. Our Vocational & Career Counseling Program helps people find fulfilling employment even during this difficult economic climate. They are also a driving force in community schools when it comes to preparing the next generation with the skills needed to succeed in life.

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